Sebastopol Underwater Hockey

The Sebastopol Sharks play twice weekly Underwater Hockey games at Ives pool.

Any and all are welcome to join our drop in games every Tuesday and Thursday evening.


This is our story

We've been around since the early 80's!

We are a group dedicated to playing Underwater Hockey in the Sonoma County area.
Underwater Hockey is a little known sport, outside of the diving community,
but it is played in numerous countries, all over the world.
Underwater Hockey is a fast, action-packed sport, played on the bottom of a swimming pool by two teams of six players,
who are equipped with masks, snorkels, fins and short wooden sticks.
We use a weighted puck, which is pushed around on the bottom of the pool by the players,
who, just like in Ice Hockey, are trying to score goals.
The need to breath makes timing and teamwork critical to the game, and adds a 3-D element to play not seen in most other sports.

A little bit about the sport

The puck slides, like on ice, but the air is far above.
Welcome to underwater hockey, the fast-moving sport played on swimming pool bottoms across the United States.

Two teams of about six face off swimming and diving to try to shoot a weighted puck into the goal.

Players wear fins, for speed, as well as masks, snorkels, and protective gloves and headgear.
The sticks are short -- about one foot long -- so players can move them quickly through the water.
Sticks flick as players maneuver the puck on the bottom, shoot the puck past (or over) defenders, and bat down shots.

If you like swimming, freediving, snorkeling, abalone or scuba diving, this would be a great sport for you!

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"That's the dumbest sport I've ever heard of..."


Sebastopol Underwater Hockey is every Tuesday and Thursday night ay 8:30pm

Cost is $6 per night, and there are no other fees.



If you are interested in joining our pick-up games, please get in touch!

Use the contact form below to send us a message.

Ives Pool | 7400 Willow St, Sebastopol, CA 95472